Friday, November 14, 2008

Good resource on the Federal Vision?

I'm looking for a good book or website that covers the Federal Vision succinctly and objectively (as much as possible) -- the views associated, and perhaps also the controversy resulting.

You can use the comments to answer ...




Anonymous said...

I read this article several years ago when it was first posted and found it helpful:

John Frame said: "I have read the article, and my judgment is that it is a wonderful piece. It is by far the best thing I've ever read on the Federal Vision and/or New Perspective. I hope this essay gets the widest possible distribution. People concerned with these issues, whatever their persuasion, need to meditate deeply about it..."

James Grant

Anonymous said...

I thought the Minich article was terrible. He gives it free pass, when it is so obviously unconfessional. Read the Heidelblog. He has an article entitled "For those just tuning in." I also have an index of FV posts here:

Anonymous said...

A good place to start might be a recent special edition of Credenda Agenda, accessible here:

The Joint Federal Vision Profession is a particularly helpful article from those who come under the FV umbrella, showing both how they stand squarely within the Reformed tradition, and what their distinctives are.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks very much.


R. Scott Clark said...

There is a collection of materials here.

mhbeatty said...

I'm no supporter of FV as such (although I - along with GI Williamson - like their practice of communing children...), but Green Baggins' slight of Frame is an embarrassment to the PCA, albeit quite typical from this 25 year-old's (or is he 28?) keyboard. I've read a great deal of Frame, found plenty with which to disagree, but wouldn't dream of accusing him of "giving it a pass." Does Baggins have any idea what this implies about this man? I hope readers will seek a number of perspectives on what are some important issues.


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