Friday, July 27, 2007

Jerome Zanchi (1516-1590): Italian Reformer

R. Scott Clark has posted an informative interview with his former student Patrick O' Banion, who is currently a Fulbright Fellow and St Louis University PhD student. Banion runs an excellent website devoted to the life and work of Jerome Zanchi. The site includes an impressive online collection of works and letters by Zanchi as well as biographical material, bibliography, links, etc.

This is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in the Continental Reformation and the early stages of Protestant Scholasticism. Bookmark this page!

While not wanting to betray my southern sympathies for seminary education, folks interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in Reformation and post-Reformation studies would do well to consider Westminster California's MA in historical theology. Sounds like a stellar program! More information can be found at Dr Clark's website and at WSC.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sinking into the Abyss

‘This great man never ventured into “the deep recesses of the Divine Majesty,” as he called certain themes. “That prospect of election and predestination,” said he, “is a great abyss into which I choose to sink”, rather than attempt to sound it. And truly,” he adds, “any attempt at throwing light upon it, makes it only a greater abyss, and is a piece of blameable presumption.” And thus we should feel with regard to all those things which are shrouded (to use John Howe’s words) “in venerable darkness.” A simple trust in God, returning from all our perplexing thoughts and confounding speculations, and resting in his rectitude, wisdom, and love, is the only antidote for those surmisings, perplexities, and painful conflicts which such facts as the existence of evil, and the absolute sovereignty of the Almighty, and the exercise of so many foreign influences over the will of man, are enough to produce.’

(John Stoughton on John Howe, in Lights of the World, 1852, 47-48. Picture of John Howe thanks to National Portrait Gallery.)


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