Friday, June 13, 2008

Historian George S. Stuart on Charles I

From the series, 400 Years of English History. Stuart is a professional artist as well. The figurine you see at the beginning is his work.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All right, fine - but did he really deserve decapitation?

The votes are in from our scholarly opinion poll. Apparently our readership favours puritans. (Who knew?)
Of 22 who weighed in:

14 (66%!) thought Charles I bore the brunt of the responsibility for the Civil War.

About one quarter (5 - 23%) believed responsibility was shared between him and the puritan/parliamentary party.

2 (9%) thought there were other causes worth discussing.

And none of you–no one!– felt the puritan/parliament were most responsible.

Monday, June 9, 2008

John Owen Today Conference: Update

Details of the papers to be presented are now available at John Owen Today.

Main Papers:

Willem van Asselt (Utrecht University, Holland), Covenant Theology as Relational Theology: The Contributions of Johannes Cocceius and John Owen to a Living Reformed Theology Today

Michael S. Horton (Westminster Seminary, California, USA), Sinai and Zion: The Mosaic Economy in Owen's Federal Theology

Suzanne McDonald (Calvin College, Grand Rapids, USA), Beholding the Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ: Owen and the Reforming of the Beatific Vision

Sebastian Rehnman (University of Stavanger, Norway), John Owen on Faith and Reason

Alan Spence (United Reformed Church, London, UK), The Significance of John Owen for Modern Christology

Short Papers:

Gert van den Brink (Utrecht University, Holland), John Owen on Impetration and Application

Tim Cooper (University of Otago, New Zealand), John Owen and Richard Baxter

Martin Foord (Trinity Theological College, Australia), John Owen's Gospel Offer: Well-Meant or Not?

Lee Gatiss (independent), John Owen's View of Infants

Peter M. Head (Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK), John Owen and Brian Walton on the Integrity and Preservation of the Text of the Greek New Testament

Mark Jones (Leiden Universiteit, Holland), The Theology of Moses and the Sinaitic Covenant

Brian Kay (Fuller Theological Seminary, California, USA), Theology that Prays: Reconnecting Devotional Writing to its Theological Moorings

Ryan Kelly (Free University of Amsterdam, Holland), Reformed or Reforming? What Owen's 'Preface' to the Savoy Declaration says about the Complexity of Theological Codification in the Seventeenth Century

Taku Suda (University of Cambridge, UK), Christian Freedom and Pneumatology in the Theology of John Owen

Edwin Tay (New College, Edinburgh, UK), Christ's Oblation and Intercession: Its Development and Significance in John Owen


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