Monday, January 23, 2006

Hot off the Press!

The latest Westminster Theological Journal (vol. 67, no. 2) is out. Here are several articles and reviews that may be of interest.

1. Kelly M. Kapic, “Receiving Christ’s Priestly Benediction: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Exploration of Luke 24: 50-53,” WTJ 67(2005): 246-60. NCC readers will especially be interested in his discussion of Church Fathers (Origen, Gregory of Nyssa, Chrysostom), Calvin, and a few Puritans (Goodwin, Flavel). This article can be downloaded in PDF format for free from the WTS website.

2. Stephen J. Grabill, “Natural Law and the Noetic Effects of Sin: The Faculty of Reason in Francis Turretin’s Theological Anthropology,” WTJ 67 (2005): 261-79. Re-evaluating the alleged rationalism of the post-Ref, Grabill provides an analysis of 1) the faculty of reason in Turretin, 2) the relationship of natural theology and ethics in Turretin, and 3) Turretin's place within the realist natural-law (i.e. Thomist and Scotist) tradition(s).

3. Paul Lim, “The Trinity, Adiaphora, Ecclesiology, and Reformation: John Owen’s Theory of Religious Toleration in Context,” WTJ 67 (2005): 281-300. I will say more on this article later.

4. Andries Raath and Shaun de Freitas, “Theologically United and Divided: The Political Covenantalism of Samuel Rutherford and John Milton,” WTS 67 (2005): 301-21. Rutherford and Milton are presented as the clearest and best Puritan political thinkers.

5. R. J. Gore, Jr., “Response – Covenantal Worship: Reconsidering the Critics,” WTJ 67 (2005): 363-79. Gore responds to critiques of his book, Covenantal Worship: Reconsidering the Puritan Regulative Principle.

6. Nicholas Perrin, “A Reformed Perspective on the New Perspective,” WTJ 67
(2005): 381-89.
Perrin gives a biting analysis of Guy Waters’s book (which I think is excellent), Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul: A Review and Response. Waters will provide a response in a subsequent issue of WTJ.

Also of note, the Evangelical Library in London has a new 'e-books' website. The project is still in its early stages and has a minimal subscription cost (£25) but is should prove a tremendous resource. Plus, they give us a plug!


H.C. Ross said...

Thank you MUCH for this helpful summary, JT!

H.C. Ross said...

Hey John ... question for you:

Do you know of a short(er) book that tells the history of Reformed theology from the Reformation to (close to) the present? I'm referring to Reformed theology as distinct from, say, dispensational theology. You might consider answering this one in a post, as I'm sure there are others who would be interested in such a resource ...

Thanks again for your helpful posts.

Jeff Downs said...

Ran into your site tonight. Look forward to stopping by on a regular basis. Thanks for posting our library, even though we are only two hrs. away from WTS, has not the most recent edition.

You might be interested in my site.


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