Tuesday, April 4, 2006

73-57 - Go Gators!

Hats off to Billy Donovan, Joakim Noah, and the Florida Gators. Last night, the Gators dominated legendary UCLA to win their first NCAA championship (10 years after Spurrier led Florida to their first football title).

As a boy, I can remember cheering on the Gators in March but always having to say, 'wait 'til next year.' Now, the waiting is over. Florida is on top.

In a bracket-defying month, the Gators demonstrated why March is the most glorious month for sports lovers. While nobody picked the Gators to win, Florida fans can proudly celebrate this victory. There is no question who the best team is this year. Not Duke. Not Kansas. Not Connecticut. Not UCLA. But Florida. How 'bout those Gators!


James Tweeddale said...

Indeed, as an old Florida Gator (class of 1959) - this event is worthy of celebration. The Gators have emerged from the swamp - they have given another meaning to "Noah's arc". (Joakim Noah - releases a deadly hook from either side of the "arc")

Steve said...

Somehow I never expected to see the Florida Gators in such close proximity with Conventicle regulars such as John Owen, Matthew Henry, Richard Baxter, and the like...


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