Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Book: Reformed Thought on Freedom

In the van Asselt article (see below, WTJ 68 (2006): 33, n.48), he mentioned that he was c0-editing a forthcoming book entitled, Reformed Thought on Freedom: The Concept of Free Choice in the History of Early Mondern Reformed Theology, ed. Willem J. van Asselt, J. M. Bac, and R. T. te Velde (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2006).

Does anybody know anything about this? Has anyone seen a copy or know a release date?

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JT said...


I can't find anything about a release date, but two of the articles appear to be:

Girolamo Zanchi, "Always Free, but Not Always Good: Girolamo Zanchi (1516-1590) on Free Will"

Andreas J. Beck, "The Will as Master of its Own Act: A Disputation Rediscovered of Gisbertus Voetius (1589-1676) on Freedom of Will."

K. Scott Oliphint cites the former in his new book, Reasons for Faith. He didn't include a pub date, but he did include page numbers, so I assume it's been typeset.

Justin Taylor


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