Friday, October 13, 2006

Calling All Early Modern Scholars: Free Conference

I want to highlight another upcoming (free!) conference that may be of interest.

Our friend Crawford Gribben is co-hosting an inter-disciplinary conference next month on 10 November in Manchester entitled Teaching Religion in Early Modern Studies. The day will not focus on research per se but teaching strategies in early modern study. This is an ideal opportunity for those who anticipate teaching in this field.

Here is a description of the event:

This event, a collaboration between three Subject Centres (English; History, Classics & Archaeology; Philosophy and Religious Studies) will explore interdisciplinary perspectives in the teaching of early modern religion. Charting the spectrum of student commitments, the workshop will feature discussion on such topics as 'Secularism, fundamentalism and the teaching of early modern religion', 'Teaching the reformation', 'Teaching religious literature', 'Teaching theology and religious ideas' and 'Teaching religious institutions and communities'.

Participants will include Michael Brown, Brian Cummings, Alan Ford, Jeremy Gregory, Crawford Gribben, Graeme Murdock, Gerald Hammond, Sandra Hynes, Peter Marshall, Alex Walsham and Lucy Wooding.

For more information, click here. Once again, the conference is FREE of charge. So don't delay; you don't have to pay!

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H.C. Ross said...

Take notes for me! I'll be in Texas.


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