Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Famous Mr. Ross

Our esteemed Conventicler, Chris Ross, is at it again. The good folks at The A-Team Blog have posted a review of his paper presented at last week's ETS meeting.

The paper was entitled "Promoting Evangelical Faith Through New Media: Lessons from the English Reformation." The A-Team reports,

As Bob Dylan sang, “The time they are a-changin’.” Though he was describing the social changes of the 60’s, he could have said the same of sixteenth century Europe, or our situation today. The internet is often viewed as “the Guttenberg press of our time,” noting the similarities of the Reformation and current time periods. Mr. Ross believes these similarities have practical applications for Christians today.

Intrigued? For the entire summary, click here.

Well done, Chris. Keep up the great work!

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Bridges said...


You really are doing a wonderful job. Thanks be to God for your dedication and your humility.



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