Friday, November 17, 2006

For Something Completely Different...

We at The Conventicle can't always live in the past. So for something a little more up to date, here are two links well worth your time.

My friend David Robertson (minister at St Peter's Free Church in Dundee) takes some heat for his review of Richard Dawkins' new book The God Delusion. Check out David's response.

Also, Al Mohler is taking part in a new "conversation on religion" entitled On Faith sponsored by The Washington Post and Newsweek. This forum has assembled an interesting and impressive panel of religious leaders, scholars, theologians, historians, journalists, etc. Mohler's first column will give you a good taste of the 'conversation.'

Now back to the 17th century!

1 comment:

Bridges said...

Yikes! I read the review and several dozen of the commets on the message board responding to it. Yes, he is getting some heat! Kudos to him for "stepping up to the mic" in front of a very tough crowd.



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