Saturday, November 11, 2006

Puritans through Victorian eyes

Our token female Conventicle initiate, Susan Allister, has made definite plans to pursue a doctorate here in Edinburgh, researching ... well, I'll let her explain herself:

Having graduated from English at Cambridge in 2005 (where I wrote an undergraduate dissertation about Puritan writing style), I moved to Edinburgh and did a taught MTh in Theology in History, where my dissertation focused on John Foxe and his portrayal of John Wyclif. I am now in my first year of doctoral studies. I am looking at perceptions of and attitudes towards Puritanism (or some aspect of it - I am yet to be more specific here) in nineteenth-century British historical work. I am specifically focusing on historical writings by Evangelicals including J.C. Ryle and John Stoughton, but am also looking more broadly at non-evangelical historians and groups. I am particularly interested in relationships between Puritanism and Evangelicalism, but also in ecclesiology, historiography, and the interfaces between theology, church history and literature.
We look forward to hearing insights from your research, Susan. (Hint: a post would be welcome!) Great to have you with us.

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