Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Stereotypical Puritan

Michael Haykin offers an excellent post entitled Puritanism: The Real Thing.


Andy said...

I know this isn't the appropriate place, but I'm thinking of applying to New College Edinburgh to work with Susan Hardman Moore on Puritan Family Worhsip in Britain and New England.

How many of you on this blog are students at New College? Are any of you working with her? What do you think of NC as a place to do PhD work? How many of you are Americans that moved there for school? How's funding at NC? I'm interested in your reflections. If you'd like to, please email me:

H.C. Ross said...

Hey Andy,

Because our university would rather not affiliate itself with any blogs, we're better off not telling you HERE where we're all enrolled, but I will see that your comment gets emailed to all the contributors, and they can respond as they 'feel led'.
:-). Some may have already.

Thanks for your interest!


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