Thursday, May 3, 2007

Patience ...

Blogger has changed, and so must we. I will be moving the blog over to a new format (and a new look) this weekend. Fellow Conventiclers, regular visitors (all three of you) and random passers-by, I appreciate your understanding.

Send any comments, questions, complaints or suggestions to me directly.


Bridges said...

Me likes.


Donald said...

Great new design (if an English fan of the Conventicle may comment)

Gary Brady said...

Yeah, looks good. What tartan is that then? Will all Scots blogs have to look like this if the SNP win again?

H.C. Ross said...

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your comment.

I actually searched through about 150 tartans on a web site that has the patterns, and the only one I liked for the blog was this one -- which happens to be the 'clergy' tartan! Pretty funny coincidence, I thought.

As for the SNP -- I try to stay out of UK politics as much as possible. I get preoccupied enough with things in the U.S., being a Texan from "Bush Country".

God bless.


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