Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John Owen vs John Milton, Round 2

Here's the promised continuation of John Stoughton's comparison of Owen and Milton:

'And as they differed in their manner of thinking, so also they differed in their modes of feeling and in their habits of life; the religious sentiments of Milton being calm and pure, with something in their tone almost approaching to angelic elevation, bearing scarcely any marks of such struggles as beset most other Christians, and suggesting the idea that his chief conflicts of soul must have been with “spiritual wickedness in high places;” Owen, on the other hand, dwelling much upon “the mortification of sin in believers,” “the doctrine of justification,” “the work of the Holy Spirit in prayer,” and “the Glory of Christ,” and ever indicating the strongest faith and the intensest feeling upon those evangelical points respecting which some defect may be traced in the religion of Milton; and whilst Milton was solitary in his devotion, at least during the latter part of his life, and in this respect, as in others, was “like a star and dwelt apart,” Owen delighted in social worship.’

Stoughton, Ecclesiastical History, vol II, 432).

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H.C. Ross said...

Vive la difference!


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