Saturday, June 2, 2007

New stuff ...

That's great, but could he get a camel in there?


Anonymous said...


H.C. Ross said...

All right, all right. You don't have to raise your voice! :-O

Donald John MacLean said...

I don't know if this counts as "New stuff" or if it is worthy of mention on The Conventicle - but as I started a blog a few weeks ago that may be of interest I thought a shameless plug might be in order. (Hope you don’t mind too much!)

This blog hosts (fairly informal) weekly updates on my studies on the Scottish theologian and preacher James Durham (1622-1658). My thesis (MPhil) is entitled:

James Durham (1622-1658) and the Free Offer of the Gospel:

A Case Study on the Meaning of the Westminster Confession of Faith VII:III, "He freely offereth unto sinners life and salvation by Jesus Christ; requiring of them faith in Him, that they may be saved".

So a short title much in the style of the Puritans!

As an aside I nearly applied to do my studies at Edinburgh but in the end decided to pursue them at the Wales School of Evangelical Theology (


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