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Upcoming conference ...

Truth Under Deconstruction: Presenting Christ in a Relativistic World, featuring Dr. Norman Geisler, Dr. J. P. Moreland, Dr. Paul Vitz and Randy Newman
July 12-14, 2007
Airport Hilton, Kansas City, Missouri

Here's a list that includes most of the papers to be presented:

Truth, Knowledge and Belief Track
§ The Normative Priority of the Metaphysical Truth over the Propositional Truth, Vanneya Athithan
§ Terror, Trauma, and the Truth about God, Dr. Theresa Blakley
§ "The Worldview of Richard Dawkins – From The Selfish Gene to The God
§ Delusion," Dr. William Clark
§ What Makes The Doctrinal Statements Of Christian Faith True? Truth, Pluralism, and Hermeneutics, Dr. Eduardo Echeverria
§ Epignosis: An Incarnational Theology of Participatory Truth, The Rev. Canon Dr. Andrew Grosso
§ The First Principles of Common Sense, Dr. James Hamilton
§ The Postmodern Paradigm, Dr. Thomas Johnson
§ Discerning Insight: Is It True, Correct, or Just Accurate?, Dr. John Kok
§ Truth, Presuppositions and Worldview, Dr. J. P. Moreland
§ Christian Artistry: The Picture or the Frame?, Teresa Ong
§ The Certainty of Moral Knowledge in Thomistic Anthropology, Craig Payne
§ Redeeming Everyday Experience: Reflections on Biblical Rationality, Dr. George Pierson
§ The ‘Hourglass’ Of Truth – A Case Study In Applied Linguistics, Illustrating How Different Faith Traditions Are In Conflict, Dr. David Ross
§ Religious Doubt: Faith-Shaping Tool or Instrument of Destruction?, Drs. Patricia Schoenrade and C. Ray Owens
§ Deconstructing Derrida's Diaspora: Scattering the Savior into Silence, Dr. Harvey Solganick
§ What's Right About Foucault?, Dr. Ted Turnau
§ Revenge of the DWEMS: A Socratic Tetralog, Dr. Donald Williams
§ Stanley Fish's Hermeneutical Theory and Its Implication For the Discovery of Truth in the Biblical Text, Rev. Dr. Yoilah Yilpet

Impact of Deconstructionism on Specific Disciplines Track
§ Beyond Ethics: Restoring Human Dignity in Business, Dr. William Andrews
§ Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Jean Baudrillard and Architecture, Dr. Christian Bergum
§ Modernism and Postmodernism in the Academic Study of Public Relations, Sandra Braun
§ Postmodernism and Deconstruction in Fight Club, Dr. Margaret Cullen
§ Reclaiming Biblical Hermeneutics within the Process of Communication, Dr. Rodney Duke
§ Postmodernism and the Culture of Death: Medicine at the Precipice, Dr. B. D. Fine
§ Deconstruction and Architecture: Exposing the Uncanny, Ken Matende
§ The New Perspective on Paul: Progress or Pretense, Dr. Edward Meadors
§ God or the Gallery: On the Post-postmodern Predicament of Contemporary Art, Matthew Milliner
§ Deconstructing 19th Century Cultish Womanhood: Linda Brent's Challenges to Historic Female Suffering, Rev. C. L. Nash
§ Heidegger, Gadamer, and Derrida: Three Fathers of Postmodernism and Their Impact on Biblical Hermeneutics, Dr. Joseph Partain
§ Living in Truth: An Aspect of Professional Ethics in the University, Dr. Susan Robbins
§ The Classroom Experience as Truth Exposed: The Professor's Role in Deconstructing the Educational Process through Relationships, Dr. Laura Savage
§ Christ in the City: Showing Spiritual Truth to Deconstructed Lives, Penelope Stickney
§ Crisis in the Temple of Art: To Which "gods" Will Curators Now Pay Homage?, Dr. E. John Walford
§ Intercultural Rhetoric and Postmodernism: A Discipline Deconstructed, Dr. Deron Walker

Postmodernism and the Church Track
§ Preaching God's Truth to Postmodern Listeners, Dr. Kenneth Arndt
§ Postmodern worship: Transcendence and Truth in the days of YouTube and iPod, Drs. Kevin Gibson and Ron Witzke
§ Deconstructing Evangelicalism: Some Personal Observations, Dr. Adrian Helleman
§ Has Contemporary Apologetics Misread Postmodernism?, Chad Lakies
§ Lessons From the Emerging Church, Dr. Patrick Mays
§ The Postmodern Impact on Conservative Evangelical Hermeneutics, Paul Shockley
§ Difference and Deconstruction: Towards an Authentic Expression of the Church, Todd Trembley
§ Should Evangelicals Embrace or Reject Postmodernism?, Dr. Richard Von Dohlen
§ Jude, Pluralism and Truth, Dr. William Wilson

Christian Worldview Track
§ Science, the Bible, and the Search for Truth, Dr. Tim Corrigan
§ Reaching Muslims in a Post 9/11 World, Dr. Norman Geisler
§ Human Origins - Insights from a Genetic Simulation Program, Dr. Paul Gibson
§ Questioning Evangelism: Engaging People's Hearts the Way Jesus Did, Randy Newman
§ Overcoming Common Obstacles in Evangelism, Randy Newman
§ Intelligent Design and Darwinism - Comparing and Contrasting Perspectives of Christians in North America and in Western Europe, Dr. Frank Peters
§ Challenging Paradigms of Truth: Current Beliefs Among African-American College Students at Two Midwestern Evangelical Christian Colleges, Phyllis Smith
§ Teaching From A Christian Worldview: A Faculty Training Model, Dr. Walter Thomas
§ Exploring Insights into Atheism from Psychology, Dr. Paul Vitz
§ Truth Denied-Keeping God Out Of Public Schools: Academia's Role In How Not To Teach About Religion Within Our Teacher Education Programs, Dr. Steven Wentland
§ What Truth of Christianity Has Been Communicated to the Chinese: A Case Study of 200 Years of Evangelicalism in China, Virginia Yip

Global Impact Track
§ Tales Of Teaching In Transylvania And Lessons Learned, Scott and Christy Golden
§ The Deconstruction of African Education from a Nigerian Perspective, Dr. Rob Lillo
§ Lessons Learned Teaching Law in China, William and Deborah Wright

For more info check the conference website.

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