Thursday, July 5, 2007

Friday Fun: Ponder your legacy ...

... with the 'Tombstone Generator' (HT: Eric 'Gunny' Hartman).

How will your friends and family remember you? Sample as many epitaphs as you like with this online gizmo, designed by a guy called J. J. Chandler.

In the meantime ...
"Remember that all mankind are mortal, and you are to go no other way than all that ever came into the world have gone before you (except Enoch and Elias).

Yea, the poor brute creatures must die at your pleasure, to satisfy your hunger or delight. Beasts, and birds, and fishes, even many to make one meal, must die for you.

And why then should you shrink at the entrance of such a trodden path, which leads you not to hell, as it does the wicked, nor merely to corruption, as it does the brutes: but to live in joy with Christ and his church triumphant?"
Richard Baxter, "Directions for a Peaceful Death"

I hope my Conventicle colleagues aren't offended by these macabre memorials:

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Susan A said...

Thanks Chris! That's great. That is SO going on my facebook page. Glad to see you're getting plenty of work done...


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