Monday, September 17, 2007

While you're at ETS 2007 ...

A list of all papers to be read that are directly or indirectly related to puritanism, that I found. Jonathan Edwards gets a lot of coverage this year!:

Wednesday, 14 Nov

Anthony Chute (Calif Bapt U)
When We Talk about Calvinism, Let's Be Honest: Using Historical Theology to Add Perspective to a Baptist Debate

Robert Arnold (Southern BTS)
Was Samuel Rutherford a Scottish Mystic?

Richard Langer (Talbot Sch Theo)
John Cotton and Roger Williams: Letters from the Past and Lessons for the Present

Peter Beck (Southern BTS)
"The Excellent Christ": The Role of Christology in Jonathan Edwards's Theology of Prayer

Nathan D. Holsteen (Dallas Theo Sem)
Ecclesial Authority and Politico-Theological Debate: Lessons from the Seventeenth Century

Glen G. Scorgie (Bethel Sem, San Diego)
How Can This Be Worthwhile? Lessons from the History of Systematic Theologies

Robert Caldwell (Southwestern BTS)
Jonathan Edwards's Theology of Angels in Its Puritan Context

Thomas P. Johnston (Midwestern BTS)
Calvin's Evangelistic Zeal as Exemplified in Crespin's Martyrology

Kenneth J. Stewart (Covenant Coll)
The Doctrine of Regeneration in Evangelical Theology: The Reformation to the Present

Ian Jules Maddock (Highland Theo Coll)
Solving a Transatlantic Puzzle? John Wesley, George Whitefield, and "Free Grace Indeed!"

Thursday, 15 Nov

William D. Henard (Southern BTS)
More Than Terror: The Pastoral Preaching of Jonathan Edwards

David Eung-Yul Ryoo (Chongshin U)
Jonathan Edwards and His Preaching

Jong-Hun Yoon (Chongshin U)
A Study on the Relationship Between the English Puritan Movement and the Origin of Presbyterian Polity – By Research on Thomas Cartwright

Yung Sil Park (Chongshin U)
A Study of the Relevance of the Great Awakening Movement in Pyongyang and the Bible Class

R. Scott Clark (Westminster Sem, Calif)
Caspar Olevianus and the Old Perspective on Paul

Jan van Vliet (Prairie Coll)
Obedience in Early Covenant Theology: Natural Law, Moral Law, and Conscience from Thomas to Ames

Kevin D. Kennedy (Southwestern BTS)
Hermeneutical Discontinuity Between Calvin and Later Calvinism

Friday, 16 Nov

David Baggett (Liberty U)
C. S. Lewis and the Irrationality of Calvin's Terrible Tenet

Joanne Jung (Biola U)
Puritan Conference for the Contemporary Church


Jonathan Edwards Study Group

Theme: Jonathan Edwards and the Puritans on the Sermon and Spiritual Formation
Moderator: Stephen J. Nichols (Lancaster Bib Coll)

Derek Thomas (RTS)
"Sound Preaching and Conscionable Hearing": The Puritans, The Sermon, and Spiritual Formation

Sean Michael Lucas (Covenant Theo Sem)
"Divine Light, Holy Heat": Jonathan Edwards, the Sermon, and Spiritual Formation
Respondent: Stephen J. Nichols (Lancaster Bib Coll)

Panel Discussion: Nichols, Thomas, and Lucas

General Discussion

Full ETS 2007 program (pdf)


Christopher J Coleman said...

I'm planning on attending on Wed. No class! Unfortunately, I'll miss Dr. Clark's paper on Olevianus, but I've heard all that before. (yawn) :)

Will any of you be able to make it?

H.C. Ross said...

Hey Chris,

Unfortunately I won't make it myself -- I'm pushing to finish my dissertation by February 08, and I still have quite a bit to go (too much blogging over the past two years :-)). Enjoy it.


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