Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fun: Pilgrims to Patriots

I hope all our British friends will watch this with a sense of humor humour. This is not unlike the narrative we are taught in elementary school, in the States (or at least, we were, 30 years ago).

"No More Kings" was part of a series called Schoolhouse Rock!. These 3-minute clips were once a staple on Saturday mornings, aired between our favorite cartoons.

I would love to hear how these events are explained to students here in the UK, and in other parts of the world.


Bridges said...

So began my love of nuanced history...


Christopher J Coleman said...

"Conjunction, Junction, what's your function?" Classic...

Cathy said...

School House Rock was the best! I've been a confirmed fan since childhood. Amazing, classic, memorable!
"Inter-planet Janet she's a Galaxy girl..."

Cathy Tweeddale-Tate

Cameron Cloud said...

No wonder we have such a shallow understanding of history! :)

Favorite - "I'm only a bill."


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