Thursday, October 11, 2007

Really really really want to learn Latin? (Really?)

I found a program online that I'm very excited about: a podcast called LATINUM, hosted by Evan Millner, a South African fellow who is based in London.

LATINUM is based on the premise that to truly learn a language, one must 'install' it in one's brain by hearing and speaking it often (and not just read and write it and study paradigms and cases, as in traditional language-learning programs).

These podcasts can be downloaded from the website or through iTunes (search keyword Latinum).

One warning, though: the shows are not listed in the order in which you should listen to them. Start by scrolling down the main page and listening to the program introduction (here's the permalink page for it).



Susan A said...

'Vocalisation must come before meaning, and it must come before comprehension.' I like!

Bridges said...

Chris, your posts are ever-helpful. I'll be looking up this podcast.

mirus nuncium!
(I think that means wonderful message/post, but it probably just reveals that I really need this podcast)



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