Monday, December 3, 2007

More Trueman on Owen

Derek Thomas talks with Carl Trueman about his latest book, John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man, over at reformation21. Here is the conclusion,

[Owen] is the supreme example of a theologian who integrates a Trinitarian doctrine of God (drawing heavily on Eastern emphases) in the context of an anti-Pelagian soteriological framework along with a thorough articulation of Protestant justification. He thus brings little originality to the table in terms of specific content; his genius lies in the integration of these different aspects of the Christian tradition, especially Eastern theologians such as Gregory Nazianzus, into one theological whole; and his application of this to the Christian life. He is the peerless Protestant Trinitarian practical theologian.

For more with Trueman, check out Edwin Tay's recent interview in our Conventicle Q & A series.

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