Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Gadget Thursday

Okay, we don't really have a regular installment called New Gadget Thursday – but it's not a terrible idea, considering the day and age we live in.

This is a smartpen, made by a company called Livescribe. It will record a lecture while you write notes, and allows you to find different parts of the audio recording based on what you were writing at the time.

I'm starting to think tomorrow's classroom may look a lot different from today's. (I just hope there will still be a need for teachers!)

HT: Technology Review


GUNNY said...


Guess what I want! That's a pretty neato torpedo idea.

Thanks for sharing it.

Chris Ross said...

I agree, Eric. Where were these things when we were in college?


GUNNY said...

Great question. Of course, in my case I'm not sure it would have helped much.

I'm thinking I would have actually needed to drag mybadself to class in order to take the notes to get any real benefit.


Gig 'em!


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