Friday, August 1, 2008

John Owen Today Conference: Latest Updates

The entire programme of the conference is now finalised and available here.

Updates include the following:

1. Carl Trueman is unable to present a paper (to the disappointment of many participants I'm sure!). John Coffey will be taking Trueman's place, with a paper entitled, "John Owen, the Reformed Tradition and Religious Toleration."

2. Our very own Mr Tweeddale is now on board as well. He will be the second representative from New College, and of course, the second Conventicler at the conference. Check out the interesting title of his short paper on the conference website.

3. There'll be a demonstration of the Logos Bible Software on the Works of John Owen (17 vols.) with, I believe, an opportunity to purchase the software at a discount.

1 comment:

GUNNY said...

An Owen lovers dream, but the loss of Carl Trueman cannot be overlooked!


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