Monday, January 16, 2006

IVP's Reformation Commentary on Scripture

The Reformation Commentary on Scripture (RCS) by IVP is a projected 27 volume set on the entire Bible that presents comments on every verse of Scripture by the Protestant Reformers. IVP has assembled an impressive list of scholars to serve as editors and advisors. The General Editor is Dr Timothy George and Associate General Editor is Dr Scott Manetsch. Among others on the Advisory Board are Dr Frank James, Dr John L. Thompson, Dr David Steinmetz, and our own Prof David Wright.

Look for this series to serve as an invaluable resource for those interested in Reformation studies and the history of biblical interpretation. However, good things come to those who are patient. The first projected volume is set for publication in 2009! Following, two-three volumes will be published per year until the project is complete.

This RCS will be similar to the excellent Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture edited by Dr Thomas Oden. A series devoted to the Church Fathers.

For more info on the RCS, check out the official IVP site here.

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