Monday, March 20, 2006

Odds & Ins

These may be of interest to some of our readers (we will get back to the Puritans soon enough!):

  • Sean Michael Lucas comments on the dearth of Presbyterian/denominational historiography and gives a preview of a forthcoming chapter he is writing on the subject.

  • Michael Haykin gives a nice commendation of the Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey. This is an outstanding resource for anyone interested in Carey and/or late eighteenth/early nineteenth century evangelicalism and missiology (but I am a little bias, as two of my former profs put together the site!). He also weighs in on last week’s NYT article on fewer seminarians entering the pastorate. See my post here.

  • My father recently informed me of these readings of several of John Owen’s works at SermonAudio. Taking Packer’s suggestion, I have found that reading Owen out load helps me better wrap my mind around his arguments. This resource may be of service to that end, although I’ve yet to listen to any of the recordings. Anything to get folks reading Owen. Enjoy!

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