Monday, May 8, 2006

Many Thanks

Blogs can sometimes be taken a bit too seriously. They are not meant to be the final word on any subject. Nevertheless, they are a great means to discuss topics, network with others who have similar interests, relay research, quickly disseminate information, etc.

We at The Conventicle are a small, rather insignificant ban of bloggers with a keen interest in the post-Reformation. We can't claim much authority on the topic, although we enjoy researching, studying, discussing, and writing about all things pertaining to the Puritans.

Since we began in November '05, we have been pleasantly surprised by the increasing number of folks who read our blog. We are grateful to you for visiting our site, sending us questions, and commenting on our entries. There are a gargantuan number of excellent sites in the blogosphere, and we are encouraged that you have taken the time to read our posts. We hope that you will continue to share in our enthusiasm for the Puritans.

We especially wanted to thank our fellow bloggers (some of you we know and most we don't) who have linked to our site. We regularly get visitors from your blogs. So to return the favor, here is a blog list of folks who have graciously noted The Conventicle. If we have missed your site, please let us know.

Anablepo: I look up


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Reformation Life

The Riddleblog

Ruminations by the Lake

Sean Michael Lucas

Some Thoughts on Life, Theology, and Scripture



Ian said...

Well, you guys have an excellent and enjoyable site. I appreciate the scholarship but also the over-all feel to your writings. Often it is light hearted and fun.
I'll definitely keep reading -- thanks for linking!

Allen R. Mickle, Jr. said...

Greetings all...

Love the site. Have linked it to my own. Keep up the good work.


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