Friday, May 5, 2006

Semper Reformata

Recently, we received this question in regards to Chris Ross’s irenic post, Fightin’ Words.

Mark Noll's book "Is the Reformation Over?" seems to address the same question…of the commentor. Namely, is the reformation over? I guess Noll's position is different in that he sees Roman Catholicism becoming more Protestant in their recent catechisms.

So my question is: "Is Noll's point valid? Do protestants still need to protest?"

Thanks Chris C. for your excellent question and for visiting our site. I think my fellow Conventiclers will pipe in next week, but I thought I would get the ball rolling.

First, let me say up front that I have yet to read the book. It is on my ever growing ‘must read’ list! Hopefully, I will get to it this summer.

Second, let me draw your attention to three excellent pieces over at reformation21. Even if I’d read the book, I could provide no better counsel than these fine folks:

1. Carl R. Trueman
2. Gregg R. Allison
3. Phil G. Ryken

Third, it seems to me that as long as folk question the classical tenets of the Reformed and Protestant orthodox (e.g. justification by faith alone, imputation of Christ’s righteousness, God’s comprehensive knowledge of all things, etc), the Reformation will never be over.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to comment. Let’s get the conversation going.

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Chris Coleman said...

Also check out Michael Horton's article "Can we be Confessional and Catholic" from the Sep/Oct 2005 edition of Modern Reformation.


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