Monday, June 12, 2006


Just got the new Westminster Theological Journal vol. 68, no. 1 in the mail today. I noticed that Willem J. van Asselt has an article on Johannes Maccovius. I'm off this week to a pastor's conference in Glasgow, but I will post a review of Asselt's work in due course.

We will get back posting more regularly soon. So keep checking back!


Ian said...

Sweet, I was beginning to wonder what was happening? Looking forward to hearing (err...reading?) from you.

John W. Tweeddale said...


Thanks for your comments. Appreciate your work.

With board preparations and presenting a paper last week, I've been a bit swamped. But never fear, hopefully, this summer will be a productive time for the Conventicle!

C G said...

John, Hope it's a good one!

Ian said...

Great! Looking forward to it.
The notes on Muller have been very helpful. The Conventical rocks! (Did I just say that?).


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