Monday, September 18, 2006

Coming Attractions

For sometime, Ashgate Publishing have advertised a forthcoming book by Carl Trueman entitled John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man in the Great Theologians Series, edited by John Webster.

For those of you familiar with Trueman's work on Owen and post-Reformation studies, this news brings glad tidings. Unfortunately, good things must come to those who wait. The release date is scheduled for August 2007. Until then, here is a synopsis of the book:

John Owen is considered one of the sharpest theological minds of the seventeenth century and a significant theologian in his own right, particularly in terms of his contributions to pneumatology, christology, and ecclesiology.

Carl Trueman presents a major study of the key elements of John Owen's writings and his theology. Presenting his theology in its historical context, Trueman explores the significance of Owen's work in ongoing debates on seventeenth century theology, and examines the contexts within which Owen's theology was formulated and the shape of his mind in relation to the intellectual culture of his day - particularly in contemporary philosophy, literature and theology. Examining Owen's theology from pneumatological, political and eschatological perspectives, Trueman highlights the trinitarian structure of his theology and how his theological work informed his understanding of practical Christianity.

With the current resurgence of interest in seventeenth century Reformed theology amongst intellectual historians, and the burgeoning research in systematic theology, this book presents an invaluable study of a leading mind in the Reformation and the historical underpinnings for new systematic theology.

Contents: Preface; John Owen: reformed Catholic, renaissance man; The knowledge of the Trinitarian God; Divine covenants and Catholic Christology; The article by which the Church stands or falls; Conclusion; Index.

But watch your pocket books. This book comes with the hefty price tag of $99.95 for hardback and $34.95 paperback. Start saving!

For more information, click here.

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H.C. Ross said...

Sounds great! Maybe I'll be finished with my thesis by the time this comes out ...


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