Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Good Find

For my inaugural I thought I would start off by misspelling inaugural (that word never looks right), and I thought I would offer a less that profound suggestion. I recently bought a new CD entitled The Valley of Vision (produced by Sovereign Grace).

I share that because it is a collection of puritan prayers set to contemporary music. Now if you are a purist, which I would imagine some puritan followers are, you may not appreciate these prayers being ripped from the originals. But I have to say that I have truly enjoyed them.

Now that my first post is done, I shall try to move on to slightly more helpful posts.



John W. Tweeddale said...


Welcome aboard!

Thanks for this recommendation. Angela and I have greatly benefited from The Valley of Vision prayers published by the Banner of Truth. I look forward to hearing these prayers put to music by the good folk at Sovereign Grace.

Another VV resource, I believe Max McLean - of Ligonier fame - has produced a CD collection with him reading these puritan prayers. Has anyone heard these?


James Anderson said...


You can listen to a sample here.


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