Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Whoa! Check THIS out!

This is worth posting over myself. I just discovered this blog by Tony Reinke, called The Shepherd's Scrapbook. (Has anyone noticed how classy those Word Press blogs are? -- no offense, Blogger.) The blog includes a ton of info on our favorite early modern English Protestants, including an entire series on how to incorporate Puritan literature in the pulpit, and how to construct a real blank Bible like the one Jonathan Edwards used. (Now why haven't we thought of that here?) Consider us linked, Tony!


John W. Tweeddale said...

Thanks Chris for pointing this out for our readers.

Yes, Tony's site is excellent. In true Puritan form, his blog is not only informative but also a valuable aid in the 'science of living blessedly forever.' I have found his series on The Puritan Study especially helpful for applying the insights of the Puritans to my own personal study and preaching ministry.

For anyone wanting to quickly get acquainted with the Puritans and Puritanism or for enthusiasts with a love for these physicians of the soul, The Shepherd’s Scrapbook is a must-go-to online resource. Bookmark it, tell your friends, and read it with delight! Keep up the great work, Tony!



Tony said...

Wow, these comments here are deeply humbling. Thank you for the kind words. Hopefully I will be able to live up to the expectations.

In the blessedness of God's presence,



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