Thursday, February 22, 2007

Does this mean the Conventicle will never win the pennant?

Though I hate to veer from the path of dignified scholarship that characterizes most of the Conventicle's posts (eh-hem), I feel I must clear something up immediately. Chris Coleman, our friend from over at the apemantus forum, has noted a faint resemblance between our new banner and the logo of a certain American baseball team whose record ... shall we say ... leaves something to be desired. Is there any connection?

To set the record straight, no. While I concede there may be some resemblance, the truth is I pulled the idea for the banner from the swirling ephemeral vortex of my own creative subconscious. Let it be known that I am a native Texan (a proud one), and in spite of one pleasant visit I made to the windy city, I have never been a fan or even made pretense of being a fan of any Midwestern team, ever. (Don't get me wrong -- I have known some swell Midwesterners.)

So there you go, Chris. Sorry if I've disappointed any suspicions/hopes you may have entertained. I do commend your keen powers of observation.

By the way, below are a few of the other concepts we considered before deciding on the banner above ...

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Chris Coleman said...

Awesome! I've developed my keen observation skills by being an everyday reader of the UniWatch Blog. Its one of my silly diversons that keeps me entertained and sain!

Its too bad that the Rangers will finish behind the Angels again in the AL West! Sorry, I couldn't resist. At least there are no Yankee fans among the Conventiclers, unlike that guy that runs the Riddleblog! He He...


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