Friday, February 23, 2007

The world according to the Puritans

Some maps that will be of interest to students of the Puritans:


Tudor England -- including counties (note there is a link for a larger version on the same page)

Scotland & the Borders

Tudor London (with link to larger printable version)

Ireland c. 1500
[All the above courtesy of the website, Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge]

And this one of England and Wales during the English Civil War (1644), noting the division of areas of the country under control of the King and Parliament
[Courtesy of this site featuring several maps from Gardiner's Atlas of English History]

New England

Puritan New England
[Courtesy Dr David Newton, Univ. West Georgia]


Europe c. 1560 (early Elizabethan)

Europe 1648 (Jacobean)

Europe 1740 (c. end of Puritanism)
[All the above courtesy of U. of Texas Perry-CastaƱeda Library]


John W. Tweeddale said...


This is very helpful. Any chance of setting up a permanent link to this post on the sidebar?

Thanks brother,


H.C. Ross said...

Hey John,

I was thinking the same thing! I'll put this list in the sidebar ASAP, under historical resources, etc.


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