Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Book Review & Bargain: Institutes of Elenctic Theology

Tony Reinke has posted an excellent review of Francis Turretin's Institutes of Elenctic Theology over at Take Up and Read.

After a helpful discussion of Turretin's twin pillars of the theological task (the theoretical and practical), he provides an overview of the Institutes.

"The Institutes are not technically a systematic theology, although they are commonly categorized and useful as such. As an elenctic work it is polemical in nature, written to expose errors. Its format excels in asking questions, opening Scripture and providing rebuttals (example: "Is the righteousness and obedience of Christ imputed to us the meritorious cause and foundation of our justification with God? We affirm against the Romanists and Socinians"). Turretin's goal is not only to open debates and establish the biblical truth but also to trace opposing thoughts back to their origins..."

He then comments on its usefulness for personal study and ministry.

"I use Turretin frequently. In my own library, I classify this work as a systematic theology. Dennison has crafted 80 pages of topical and Scriptural indexes, making the search for details in this work very easy. In the past I've used the Institutes for systematic theology research and currently use the work for exegetical sermon preparation. When in need of a precise explanation of a theological category I turn here first (it's because of this precision that he is commonly referred to as the finest scholastic Calvinist). Finally, I use the Institutes to understand the historical development of theology..."

Check out the entire review!

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