Monday, April 9, 2007

Some fun Elizabethan resources

For anyone interested in knowing more about the context in which Puritanism originated (the reign of Elizabeth I, which lasted from 1558 to 1603):
  • Elizabethan scholar, writer, poet and thespian Maggie Pierce Secara has put together a great site called Renaissance: The Elizabethan World. For those who want a 'quick and dirty' overview of Elizabethan history, there is a free download-able pdf, a Compendium of Common Knowledge, 1558-1603.
  • Speaking of free, check out the Tudor Cast, a podcast produced monthly by free-lance Tudor historian and enthusiast Lara Eakins (available from iTunes). In addition to history from the period 1485-1603, she features reviews of relevant web sites, current news items relating to the Tudors, an explanation of late medieval and early modern words and phenomena, and more. The podcast is enhanced by snippets of Tudor music. Much better for your iPod than the latest Gwen Stefani track.
  • There's always this helpful site we've featured in the sidebar from the beginning: the interactive Time traveller's guide to Tudor England by Britain's Channel E4.
  • Finally, for those who are serious about studying the genesis of Puritanism, and have patience for that ancient form of learning, the 'book': a seminal 'meat-and-potatoes' dose of historical research, Patrick Collinson's The Elizabethan Puritan Movement, at Amazon from $46.

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