Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Please say a prayer for Myanmar

Things are heating up politically in Myanmar/Burma.

Four years ago, when I came here to Edinburgh to study church history, I befriended a young man from there who had come here for the same reason. He wrote his masters essay on Calvin's theology. After a year he returned to Myanmar to teach theology there. We have become good friends with his wider family since then.

The Christian church in Myanmar is relatively strong, and believers are not interested in causing political unrest; they just want basic civil rights and a stable economy, like everyone else.

Please pray (right now is the best time) that God's will will prevail in Myanmar over the next days and weeks, and that he will preserve his people there and give them patience and encouragement. Thanks.


Bridges said...


Yam 飲者 said...

Hi Chris, this is Yam. I believe you are talking about the same brother whom I know. We were also good friends when he was in Edinburgh, but somehow lost touch not long after he returned home. My email to him just bounced back. If you have his updated contact, can you send it to me? (can send to c.yam at sms...) Thanks.


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