Saturday, November 17, 2007

Those Wild & Crazy Puritans

Earlier this week Tony Reinke told how you can listen to J. I. Packer's lectures on the Puritans for free at RTS on iTunes U. Besides hearing a fabulous firsthand account of the puritans (!), you can hear Packer explain, as only he can do, how the puritans liked to 'whoop it up.' I kid you not. Listen to the first lecture to discover these worldly saints as you never have before.

I wanted to wait a few days before I posted this in order to give space to the outstanding Conventicle Q & A with Prof. Patrick Collinson. On behalf of the rest of the conventiclers, thank you Chris for conducting this interview and for your efforts to make this blog an online database for those wild and crazy puritans.


Bridges said...


I listened to that lecture last night as I was washing dishes. I almost dropped a plate when he said 'whoop it up'.

Kidding aside, these lectures are very helpful for an introduction to the puritans.


Bridges said...

Sorry, John. I meant to address that comment to you! (Chris, you can read it too :) )

Chris Ross said...

John, thanks for the compliment, and the posts!

Daniel Newman said...

I gave a hearty laugh when I heard Packer speak about 'whooping it up'.

Another funny moment comes at the end of the lecture on Conscience when he is taken questions. He forgets to repeat the question and so he says, "I hope you picked that up, O microphone."

These lectures are pure gold.


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