Sunday, November 18, 2007

You only have 11 more days ...

... to download a FREE, professional-quality, unabridged audio version of Jonathan Edwards's classic, Religious Affections, from ChristianAudio – read by Simon Vance, a wonderfully articulate Brit. (Use coupon code Nov2007.)

More than anything else, human beings need the ability to discern true from false religion, saving faith from damning, counterfeit faith. Edwards explains the crucial difference in this text.

As one would expect, it speaks as relevantly today as it did in 18th-century New England:
"It is by the mixture of counterfeit religion with true, not discerned and distinguished, that the devil has had his greatest advantage against the cause and kingdom of Christ, all along hitherto. It is by this means, principally, that he has prevailed against all revivings of religion, that ever have been since the first founding of the Christian church ..."
Get it! Hear it! Heed it!

(And why not get the hardcopy via

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