Monday, December 17, 2007

A Calvin Translation Challenge

Quick challenge. Who can be the first to translate this phrase without Googling it?

Deum affigant ubicunque affingunt.

Hint: Calvin was in an iconoclastic frame of mind when he wrote this.

The prize for winning? 'Props' from our six readers!


Chris Ross said...

"They something God wherever something something"

Does that count for anything?

I'm stymied, Timotheus.

richard snoddy said...

'wherever they fashion God they fasten him' or better 'they fasten God wherever they fashion him'

Bridges said...

Congratulations Richard! You are the winner! I am sure this will complete your Christmas season.

I was reminded of this phrase today when I was studying I.11.9 of the Institutes.

Honorable mention goes to Chris, who came in second, and last, place with a portion of the text correct. But he did use the word 'stymied' so he earned my respect. Kudos.


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