Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Promises and Providences

A helpful post by John Bloom on the Desiring God blog today. He includes this quote from puritan Thomas Wilcox:

'Judge not Christ's love by providences, but by promises.'

I encourage you to read the whole thing.


Chris Ross said...

Good word!

A pleasing, pithy, praiseworthy puritan platitude.

Bridges said...





Andrew Myers said...

Wise words indeed. Just as a point of clarification, there were two notable Puritans by the name of Thomas Wilcox. This author lived from 1622-1687; another lived from 1549 to 1608.

Bridges said...


Thanks for clarifying for me.

Yes, the Elizabethan Wilcox is best known for co-authoring an admonition to parliament, demanding increased measures to rid the English church of 'popery'. I may be wrong, but I think Collinson talks about him in 'The Elizabethan Puritan Movement'. (Its late and I don't have the book:) ).

This Wilcox is well known for 'Honey out of the Rock', from whence this quote cometh methinks. He has some other great quotes as well.

Thanks again,


Ebenezer Erskine said...

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