Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The beacons are lit, come to my aid!

Just letting everyone know once again that we are all still here. Many of our Conventiclers are feeling crunch time as they are entering into the 'serious' phase of thesis writing.

I thought this little reference to the Lord of the Rings might encourage us to rally to the Conventicle before we are dropped from RSS feeds throughout Middle -Earth. Long have we known the blogging fast. Too long have we sat in high towers contemplating puritan lore. For too long we have been astray in Lothlorien (somewhere other than here). We are the Minas Tirith of the Blogger world and I am Denethor...the steward who is keeping watch as the walls (sidebars) fall into disrepair. All is set for the Return of the King (Chris Ross). We need Legolas (John Tweedale) to emerge from the Mirkwood and pierce our foes (not sure who) with an arrow (post) of truth. Where is Gloin's son (Edwin Tay) who so often displays jewels from Moria (his thesis)? Ah, and the Lady of Rohan, Eowyn (Susan Allister): Too long have we been deprived of the 19th century perspectives on puritans from Elder Days. I'm getting tired, lets just say the blog itself is Frodo, Samwise, Bilbo, Merry, Pippin, Elrond, and a maybe a few of the S.B.'s. Joe Chi, um, you are probably Gandalf. Hansang Lee: Tom Bombadill. Don't argue, I've decided. Simon Burton, you are...Theoden or a ringwraith, depending on what we need at the time. Alright, everybody good? Ok.

Where was I?

Ah, yes. Posting. Stay tuned for more posts.


Colin Adams said...

Wonderful post Tim.

Made my day....

Cathy said...

Wonderful post!

The image of John Tweeddale (my wonderful brother) as Legolas has brightened my day.

Anonymous said...

how could you leave out Treebeard (JI Packer) and Quickbeam (Carl Trueman?)

Bridges said...


Thanks brother. Now just ask Chris to get back to work here or I'll have to start picking Narnia characters for us.


I was trying to think of someone for Treebeard! That is awesome. Packer it is.


John just seemed like the natural choice for Legolas. I once saw him spring to the top of New College in a single bound. You can google that;)


Susan A said...

Hurray! I've always wanted to be Eowyn... there will be more posts from me soon, I assure you!


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