Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trinity College Dublin Offers Fully Funded PhD

Great news from Crawford Gribben, Director of Texts, Contexts, and Cultures and Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Print Culture at Trinity College Dublin (click here for an older, more detailed bio).

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is offering 12 fully funded PhD scholarships in what looks like a fascinating interdisciplinary program entitled Texts, Contexts, Cultures. Here is a course description,

Texts, Contexts, Cultures is an ambitious, dynamic and innovative multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional PhD programme delivered in co-operation between three of Ireland’s leading institutions in the Arts and Humanities - Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork and NUI Galway. The programme investigates the most basic component of Arts and Humanities research – the text as material object. Texts, Contexts, Cultures has therefore been developed around three coherent themes: history of the book; images of Ireland; and Renaissance intellectual history.

For those interested in church history or theology, this program would seem to provide the added value of integrating important but often neglected contextual and cultural dimensions to theological research.

Below is the full advertisement.

12 fully-funded 4-year PhD scholarships are available for Arts and Humanities research in Trinity College Dublin

A new interdisciplinary and inter-institutional PhD pathway for research in Arts and Humanities has been launched by Trinity College Dublin in conjunction with NUI Galway and University College Cork. 12 four-year scholarships of fees plus €16,000 per annum are available for those who wish to pursue this pathway as students of Trinity College Dublin. Other scholarships are being offered by NUI Galway and University College Cork. The scholarship competition at Trinity College Dublin is open to both EU and non-EU applicants. The closing date for entry is 1 March 2008.

Texts, Contexts, Cultures has been designed to prepare students for life in academia – and beyond. First-year students will develop their research through multi-institutional training elements in the pathway's core themes – History of the Book, Imaging Ireland and Renaissance intellectual history – much of which training will be delivered through audiovisual and online networks. Research will be supervised by multi-institutional scholarly panels. Students will also be provided with the opportunity for work placement in the knowledge economy sector.

Dr John Hegarty, Provost of Trinity College Dublin, commented that the Texts, Contexts, Cultures pathway "represents an exciting new beginning for higher education in Ireland and for higher education itself."

Full details can be found on All enquiries should be directed to Dr Crawford Gribben, the Director of Texts, Contexts, Cultures at Trinity College Dublin (


Matthew Bradley said...


Would you please email me about this at sempereformata[at]

I have a question or two, and can't find an email for you.



Chris Ross said...

Hey Matthew, I'll forward this to John to make sure he sees it ...

Matthew Bradley said...

Thanks Chris!

Anonymous said...

I am interested in this PhD programme. Please send details on whether African applicants can apply and application procedure/forms. Please send reply


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