Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In memoriam: Prof. David F. Wright

I have just learned of the passing of Prof. David Wright, an eminent scholar of patristic and Reformation history and theology.

From Dr. Larry Hurtado's notice: "Prof. Wright was a distinguished member of academic staff in the School of Divinity/New College, on staff for many years and internationally known for his many scholarly publications, awarded the DD as a higher doctorate for his publications and thereafter a personal chair in Patristic and Reformation Studies."

See also Ligon Duncan's comments and those of Derek Thomas, and hear how Wright helped prevent Carl Trueman from getting a job–from Trueman himself.

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Bridges said...

I only had one conversation with Dr. Wright, when he was planning a research trip to North Africa, I believe. I remember him being a kind and gracious man.

Thanks for this post.



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