Monday, April 7, 2008

Blogging may be hazardous to your health

... according to this NY Times article, which documents the recent deaths of two bloggers in the tech field.

But if you've been reading the Conventicle for long, you know we're not in danger of keeling over from a plethora of posts. "What's up with you guys?", some of you may be wondering. I just want to mention two points:

  1. We've all grown quite busy. Almost all of us have reached our final year of doctoral work (the "writing-up" phase), and one of us is getting married this month! This doesn't mean we've stopped posting for good – only that posts may come less frequently in the months ahead.
  2. We're in the process of planning a permanent Conventicle site, of which this blog will be only a part. Lord willing, it will provide a comprehensive collection of resources relating to puritan history, theology and spirituality. We hope to get it online by the end of 2008, if not sooner. Watch this space for updates.
Thanks for your patience! We've sincerely enjoyed getting to know the small community of "puritanophiles" who've stopped by on a regular basis here.


GUNNY said...

#1 ... understandable, not enjoyable, but understandable.

#2 ... "a permanent Conventicle site"

Well, that better not just be a tease to appease us in the interim!

That sounds very promising.

Study hard!

Chris Ross said...

Thanks for the friendly encouragement, Eric. God bless.



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