Friday, April 18, 2008

The strike continues

Rather than saying our blog is on hiatus, I think it would be more awesome, sweet, stupendous, good noble to say that we are on strike. A strike over what, you ask? Not sure. But here are some ideas I have been considering:

1) Until Edinburgh gets a Long John Silvers (or Red Lobster), I choose not to post.

2) Until the *Laudian* media start giving proper coverage to puritans and puritan related blogs, I choose not to post.

3) When all of the anonymous commenters of the entire blogdom write their real name, drop their moral outrage over book reviews and stuff, and say sorry for hijacking posts (I'm looking at you, 'anonymous'), I shall post again.

4) Until someone can give a satisfactory explanation for the dismissal of that Australian dude from American Idol, I shall post no more forever.

5) When Peter Jackson agrees to direct The Hobbit, I shall come down off the mountain (sporting a strike beard) with yet another post about obscure things to be read only by people who already know them.

Right, well I'm just brainstorming here. Until my next post: Power to the ____________ and down with _____________ for a better _______________. Join us as we strike for this.

(See you all when chapter 3 is done.)



Susan said...

funny... I'm trying to get chapter 3 done too...

Anonymous said...

Tim Bridges,
I have been looking for you and have finally located you on this blog.

Wanted to catch up with you, but I can't find your contact information.

Go to Stetson's site for my e-mail (for privacy reasons, I don't want to post it here).

Take care, I hope you are well~

Bridges said...

Hello Nicki!

Thanks for finding me. I could not find your e-mail on Stetson's website. Tell you what, you could just e-mail me at (my student mail account) and we could exchange our new contact info!

Talk to you soon,



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